Getting Started with Otherworld: Epic Adventure

If you have purchased Otherworld: Epic Adventure and are struggling to get started or to figure out what to do then this page is for you. It will share a few hints on how to get going and some notes on the plot without spoiling things by giving away solutions to the puzzles.


Otherworld Epic Adventure is a full-blown serious adventure game with an entire world to explore. It’s a game for people that like to read books and to solve mysteries and puzzles. It is part of the world of Charlie Bluster and continues the story of Jaden Phillips from the end of Book 3, but it can also be played completely stand alone.

At the start of the game the bus drops you off at the side of a lonely road, deep within the Irish countryside and miles from the nearest town. According to the clue left by Hercules, this location contains the information you need on Conn McLear and how to stop him. However, you have little idea as to where you are or what exactly you are going to find.

To get the full experience please play Otherworld with the sound turned on!

Here are a few things we recommend you do first:

1. Visit the Caravan

The Caravan is near the start of the game at grid reference K4. Once in, you'll need to turn the light on to see the contents. The Caravan has been used by someone to keep the place under surveillance and in particular an old run-down Derelict House at the centre of the site. Read some of the newspaper clippings to learn a bit about the plot.

The main characters in the story are firstly, Conn McLear, a successful Irish politician, and secondly, an unknown Assassin who, after a failed attempt to kill McLear, has escaped and is hiding out at the current location. The motives behind the attack are currently unknown but it is being investigated by a third person, the Policeman, who has been staking the place out.

3. Access the Derelict House

The Derelict House is where the Assassin has been hiding out and where you'll find out more about his motives and the shadowy organisation behind him.

4. Find the Generator and Turn on the Power

  • Power is supplied through electricity cables some of which run overground and some underground. You can follow the Black Cable from the Greenhouse or the Blue Cable from the Caravan back to their source at the Generator Shed.
  • Before you can gain access to the Generator Shed you will need to open the Wooden Box on the table of the Derelict House.

You'll find the Generator inside the Shed but you'll need to solve the Circuit Diagram before it can be turned on. You can then return to the Derelict House and open the Strong Box.