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Otherworld: Epic Adventure is a Celtic murder mystery adventure story steeped in Irish History, Mythology and Politics.

Discover it for yourself by playing our mobile adventure game or read it within the pages of our  Otherworld book.

Immerse yourself in Irish history, mythology and politics. Unlock the secrets of the Celtic Otherworld to solve mystery and political intrigue in modern Ireland.

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The Plot

Ireland lives at the heart of world culture, but with little military might and political influence it occupies only a minor place on the international stage.

How could all this change? Perhaps having the right leadership, someone of charisma and influence, capable of capturing the hearts of minds of the people and leaders of the most powerful countries in the world. An assassination attempt on Ireland's most charismatic politician, Conn McLear has thrown the country into turmoil with worldwide ramifications.

Thanks to a tip-off, you trail the assassin to a secluded location deep within the Irish countryside. You’ll soon realize the significance of this strange place and the urgency with which you must uncover its hidden secrets.

Determine the identity of the would-be assassin and bring them to justice ...

Otherworld is a story from the world of Charlie Bluster

Otherworld: Epic Adventure

The Game

Otherworld: Epic Adventure is a Celtic murder mystery adventure game for mobile devices, pads and tablets. It is a full-blown serious adventure game with an entire world to explore. It’s a game for people that like to read books and to solve mysteries and puzzles.

  • Melt your noodle with challenging in-game puzzles like code-breaking, circuit puzzles, mental agility, pattern recognition, and word and number games.
  • The perfect travel companion as it needs no internet connection and has no in-app purchases or ads.
  • A whole world of more than 200 locations and over 100 playable items ranging from the mundane to the bizarre and magical.

A massive world to explore, an unbelievable story to tell!

Are you up for the challenge?

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Is it Fun?

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and investigating mysteries? Have you fond memories of games like Myst, Sabre Wolf or Fighting Fantasy? Are you interested in Irish history or Celtic mythology or have you enjoyed reading Charlie Bluster and want to learn more of the story? If the answer to any of these is YES then Otherworld could certainly be for you.

Otherworld is a unique retro style adventure game with a modern twist. We've used photography combined with music and sounds to create a whole world that looks and feels like a real place. We've built a mobile game so you can take it anywhere, especially on a long journey.

Check out some of the beautiful pictures from the game:

#1 a forest from the Otherworld, #2 a passage in the underground labyrinth, #3 the old mine railway line, #4 part of the run down old derelict house.

How do I play?

You start the game in an unknown location deep within the Irish country side, and miles from the nearest town. You have little clue about your surroundings or how to achieve your aims. Discover more of the plot as you go.

The game includes a full getting started guide and help file that will show you how to play. Nevertheless, it has a very simple user interface and is quick and easy to pick up. This game is for everyone, you don’t need to learn a complicated set of controls to play it.

The screen is clean and simple, every location or item has a range of photographs and a text description. You can maximize both the pictures and the text allowing you to zoom in and focus on individual details. The very bottom of the screen contains buttons that allow you to move between locations, pick-up, drop and use items.

Here are examples of the screens when visiting a location or picking up an item.

Visiting Locations

This picture is of the main screen which describes your current location and any items present, (the player is at location A5 outside what looks like an old shed). You can scroll through photos of the location or read the text description. You can tap either one to zoom into a full screen display.

Some locations will have items, each item has its own set of pictures and description. See the next section for more details. Tap the bag button in the control panel at the bottom to see the items you are carrying. Travel to adjacent locations using the direction buttons or save the game and access the help guide with the Otherworld menu button at the bottom right.

Examining Items

Scattered throughout Otherworld are items from the mundane to the bizarre and fantastical. You'll need to interact with them to uncover the plot and ultimately solve the game.

Tap one to examine it in more detail. This screenshot from an iPhone SE shows a pair of shears that can be picked up from the old Greenhouse. Like a location, it has a name and description and you can scroll through the photos.

Some items can be picked up and carried and others are fixed in place. Special items like the shears can be used by pressing the hand button at the bottom of the screen.

There are also newspapers, picture and story books that can be picked up and read to learn more of the story.

How do I win?

Are you up for the challenge?

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Otherworld supports Apple, Android and Amazon devices.
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